Bells - Blue Hole

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Bells to Blue Hole

Bells_Blue_Hole.jpgThe entry point “Bells” is a small crack in the reef-table that continues under water like a chimney down to 28 m and can be exited at any depth. There are corals to the left and right and nothing but blue in front of you. You will turn to the right as soon as you reach your maximum depth and then dive along a fantastic wall with loads of coral overhangs surrounded by the full variety of Red Sea fish. It is worth looking into the blue sometimes as there is a possibility to see some bigger fish. Also do not miss to turn around and look up to the surface and enjoy to see rays of light  playing with the shape of the wall. The dive will take you gradually shallower until you reach the beautiful coral saddle into the Blue Hole at about 7 m. There you can do your safety stop and either swim through the blue or stay with the wall to the right- or left-hand-shoulder until you reach your exit point. This is a dive-site only suitable for Advanced Open Water Divers.